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Interpretation of laryngeal function tests in the horse
  1. CJ Hillidge


Idiopathic left-sided laryngeal paralysis was present in 14 of 169 horses on a thoroughbred horse farm (8.3 per cent). In nine animals, it was evident only after exercise and arytenoid abduction and adduction were normal at rest. Asynchronous movement of the arytenoid cartilages was observed in 94 horses at rest (55.6 per cent), 86 of which were considered to be normal after exercise. Conversely, synchronous movement of the arytenoids was noted when at rest in six of the 14 animals diagnosed as having laryngeal hemiplegia after exercise. An abnormal inspiratory noise during exercise was detectable in 11 of these 14 horses, but not in the remainder. An abnormal noise on inspiration was also produced by nine horses in which laryngeal hemiplegia was not diagnosed.

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