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The vaginal mucus agglutination test in the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis
  1. RM Roberts


Of 1140 vaginal mucus agglutination tests (VMAT) on specimens obtained in 1971-72 from 663 dairy cows in seven herds infected with brucellosis, 97 were positive. When the VMAT was positive one or more serological tests were also positive. Of the 97 corresponding serum agglutination tests 80 sera had titres of more than 533 international units. Only 69.8 per cent of VMAT from serologically positive cows were positive. No evidence was found of non-specific agglutinins in vaginal mucus and positive VMAT reactions appeared to be specific for field infection. Three cows showed evidence of local agglutinins in the vagina. Hence herd testing by VMAT has no advantage over tests of blood serum but the test could be an aid in establishing whether individual cattle are infected.

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