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Poxvirus infection in the domestic cat: some clinical and epidemiological observations
  1. M Bennett,
  2. CJ Gaskell,
  3. RM Gaskell,
  4. D Baxby and
  5. TJ Gruffydd-Jones


The clinical findings from 30 cases of feline poxvirus infection in the UK are reviewed and some epidemiological observations described and discussed. In most cases the clinical signs consisted of skin lesions only, although systemic signs were also occasionally seen. Over half the cats had a history of a single recent lesion, assumed to be primary, on the head, neck or a forelimb. Twenty-nine of 30 cats developed more widespread secondary skin lesions. Cat-to-cat transmission was apparently rare. More cases were recognised in the autumn than at other times of the year. The possibility of a wild mammal reservoir of infection is discussed.

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