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Forthcoming changes in the misuse of drugs legislation
  1. BR Edwards and
  2. A Knifton


The effects of the new regulations on veterinary practice are minimal. Veterinarians are mainly concerned with drugs in schedules 2 and 3 to the regulations and the requirements relating to these drugs are virtually unchanged. Pentazocine (Fortral) has been added to schedule 3 and from April 1, 1986, veterinarians must comply with the following additional requirements with respect to this drug or any other in schedule 3: use of written requisition for purchase of supplies and the prescription requirements for controlled drugs. Further details of the legislation applying to the labelling and dispensing of medicinal products and the requirements relating to schedule 2 controlled drugs, can be found in 'Legislation Affecting The Veterinary Profession in the United Kingdom', 4th edn (1984) Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. For details of the legislation relating to schedule 3 drugs, see VR, December 22/29, 1984, p649.

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