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Field trials with cefoperazone in the treatment of bovine clinical mastitis
  1. CD Wilson,
  2. N Agger,
  3. GA Gilbert,
  4. CA Thomasson and
  5. ST Tolling


A single dose of 250 mg cefoperazone in an oil based suspension infused into bovine quarters suffering from clinical mastitis resulted in an overall clinical cure of 82 per cent in 597 cases, as assessed by veterinarians in four countries (Sweden, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom). Of those cases for which adequate bacteriological data were available 69 per cent of 434 cases were cured. There were no reports of adverse reactions following therapy of an affected quarter. The introduction of single dose treatment represents an advance in mastitis therapy as it offers a simpler and shorter treatment than most present day mastitis therapeutics when used according to recommendations.

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