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Flunixin meglumine in calves with natural bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection
  1. J Verhoeff,
  2. A Wierda,
  3. C van Vulpen and
  4. J Dorresteijn


Twenty-three calves (three to eight months of age) with serological evidence of bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection were used in this study. The calves originated from four herds with respiratory tract disease. In a double blind trial the calves were injected intravenously with either flunixin meglumine (2 mg/kg body weight) or with a placebo. The effect on the course of disease was measured using the PO2 in capillary blood samples from the ears of the calves and by the effect on body temperature and respiratory rate. Mean body temperature fell significantly in the flunixin meglumine treated group. Statistically significant differences were not found between the treated and control group during the seven-day examination period.

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