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Uterine tube abnormalities as a cause of bovine infertility
  1. BM Kessy and
  2. DE Noakes


A total of 2000 bovine reproductive tracts (1000 parous and 1000 nulliparous) from freshly slaughtered animals were examined for uterine tube abnormalities and lesions. Tubal lesions were recorded in 180 tracts (9.0 per cent). More parous tracts (6.4 per cent) had tubal lesions than nulliparous tracts (2.6 per cent). The most frequently identified lesion was ovarobursal adhesions which comprised 80 per cent of all abnormalities and were identified in 6.85 per cent of all the genital tracts examined. The uterine tubes were insufflated with carbon dioxide gas to a maximum pressure of 300 mm Hg; 22 were found to be occluded even though they were macroscopically normal.

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