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Multiple embryo-transplant offspring produced from quartering a bovine embryo at the morula stage
  1. SA Voelkel,
  2. SD Viker,
  3. CA Johnson,
  4. KG Hill,
  5. PE Humes and
  6. RA Godke


A non-surgical embryo collection was completed on a day 7 superovulated Chianina donor cow. Because all but two of the ova from the collection were unfertilised and a surplus of potential recipients was available, one embryo (an excellent quality late morula) was dissected into four equal portioned 'quarter' embryos using a simplified micromanipulation procedure. Each quarter embryo was then placed in a 0.25 ml French straw and non-surgically transplanted to four different crossbred beef recipient females. The remaining embryo was similarly transplanted to a herd mate recipient as an intact embryo. One recipient returned to oestrus, one recipient had an extended post transfer cycle and the two remaining recipients produced a live quarter embryo transplant calf each within 24 hours of the other. The intact embryo placed in a herd mate recipient did not produce a transplant calf. To the authors' knowledge, these transplant offspring are the first live births reported from a non-surgically collected later-stage bovine morula (day 7), which had been dissected into quarters and then individually transplanted non-surgically to recipient females. The procedure was relatively simple to perform and was completed in less than one hour.

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