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Comparison of the serum pharmacokinetics of a long acting and a conventional oxytetracycline injection
  1. LA Davey,
  2. MT Ferber and
  3. B Kaye


A crossover study was carried out in cattle to determine the serum pharmacokinetics of a standard dose (20 mg/kg bodyweight) of oxytetracycline given either as a conventional injectable formulation or as a long acting formulation. For reference purposes, an intravenous treatment (also given at 20 mg/kg) was included in the trial protocol. A comparison of the two treatment regimes showed that the long acting formulation gave a significantly lower peak oxytetracycline serum concentration, with a significant extension of drug serum concentration. The long acting formulation also showed a longer serum half life and a significantly greater area under the curve value, calculated from 36 hours onwards, together with serum oxytetracycline concentrations which exceeded 0.5 microgram/ml for 86.8 as opposed to 51.5 hours for the conventional formulation. It is concluded that the use of the long acting formulation in cattle leads to a more sustained serum oxytetracycline concentration than does the same dose of conventional formulation.

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