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Prevention of renal carriage of leptospirosis in dogs by vaccination
  1. ES Broughton and
  2. J Scarnell


Dogs vaccinated with a Leptospira interrogans vaccine containing serogroups Canicola and Icterohaemorrhagiae and prepared from cultures grown in a protein-free medium resisted challenge with heterologous representatives of these serogroups. In contrast, control dogs were pyrexic and leptospires were isolated from the blood for nine days following Canicola challenge and six days after Icterohaemorrhagiae challenge. Leptospires were isolated from the urine of controls throughout the post challenge period and from kidneys at post mortem examination of six out of six and four out of six Canicola and Icterohaemorrhagiae challenged controls, respectively. There have been no reports of hypersensitivity reactions to this vaccine since its introduction in 1980.

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