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Filaroides hirthi in a British bred beagle dog
  1. A Spencer,
  2. B Rushton and
  3. H Munro


Filaroides hirthi was identified in large numbers in the lungs of a British bred beagle dog that had received 10 monthly intra-articular injections of a corticosteroid. The dog was terminally hyperpnoeic and eosinophil and reticulocyte counts were raised. At autopsy, the lungs failed to collapse and minute black and red foci were found throughout the lung parenchyma. These foci were identified histologically as parasites and focal haemorrhage. Migrating larvae were found in the liver and mesenteric lymph nodes. F hirthi has not previously been definitively identified in British dogs and the principal features of its identification and control are discussed.

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