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Relationship between overfeeding, metritis and ketosis in high yielding dairy cows
  1. O Markusfeld


The association between overfeeding before calving, metritis and ketosis in seven dairy herds was investigated. The overall rate of ketonuria in 695 adult cows tested routinely between seven and 14 days post partum was 18 per cent and that of post parturient uterine diseases was 56.5 per cent. Eighty per cent of all cows with ketonuria concurrently suffered from post parturient uterine diseases. Ketonuria was found by a retrospective analysis to be independently associated with both overfeeding before calving and post parturient uterine diseases. In view of the additional risks of both metritis and ketonuria associated with overfeeding before calving and the fact that the risk of ketonuria in cows which had metritis was also found to be associated with overfeeding, it is argued that the term 'complicated' rather than 'secondary' ketosis should be applied to such cases, and that appropriate therapeutic measures should be taken accordingly.

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