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Luteolysis in cows using the prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue, tiaprost, and the effect of mode of administration
  1. AR Peters


Thirteen cows received 0.75 mg tiaprost by subcutaneous injection during the mid-luteal phase of the ovarian cycle. Twelve underwent rapid luteolytic and continued to cycle normally as determined by milk or plasma progesterone concentrations. The other cow underwent only a transient decrease in progesterone concentrations. A further 15 cows received either a subcutaneous osmotic mini-pump containing 30 mg tiaprost , calibrated to release 0.75 mg over a 24 hour period (group 1); a subcutaneous injection of 0.375 mg tiaprost (group 2), or a subcutaneous injection of 0.375 mg tiaprost plus the osmotic mini pump (group 3). Treatment caused luteolysis in zero and one cows in groups 1 and 3 respectively. However all six cows in group 2 underwent rapid luteolysis. Although the standard therapeutic dose of tiaprost (0.75 mg) appears to be a highly effective luteolytic agent it is concluded that there may be scope for development of longer acting formulations of this compound.

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