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Prevalence of clinical babesiosis in an area in north Co Meath, Ireland
  1. JS Gray,
  2. E Fitzgerald and
  3. KL Strickland


A survey of clinical babesiosis was carried out in an area serviced by a veterinary practice in Oldcastle, Co Meath. Data were collected from the day books of the practice from 1970 to 1981 and from questionnaires and visits to farmers. Clinical incidence ranged between 3.2 and 4.9 per cent, which was very high compared with figures from Northern Ireland and Devon. Mortality rates were found to range from 7.3 to 14.5 per cent. The seasonality of cases and the age of animals most affected were found to conform to the findings of most earlier studies. The view of the veterinary surgeons that the prevalence of relatively unresponsive cases has increased markedly over the last 12 years was supported by data on the number of revisits and blood transfusions carried out. Cows seemed to be more involved in this phenomenon than other age groups. Although the veterinary surgeons treat less than a third of the cases that occur in the area this seems to be a fairly constant proportion and it is concluded that their day books provide valuable information on the incidence of babesiosis.

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