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Causes of culling and mortality in three flocks of broiler chickens in Victoria during 1979
  1. RL Reece and
  2. VD Beddome


A mortality survey was carried out on three flocks of broiler chickens on a Victorian grower farm. A total of 61,400 chicks were placed and 2883 (4.7 per cent) died or were culled during rearing. Only 1028 (36 per cent) dead and culled birds were available for autopsy and interpretation was based on figures extrapolated from the findings. The most common condition encountered was death in good condition associated with congestion of the lungs (39 per cent of chickens autopsied). Inclusion body hepatitis was diagnosed in 30 per cent of chickens over 21 days of age which died. Mortality during the first 10 days was 1.1 per cent of chicks placed. The incidence of various other conditions is presented with relevant observations and comments.

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