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Haematological findings in healthy and sick African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus)
  1. CM Hawkey,
  2. MG Hart,
  3. JA Knight,
  4. JH Samour and
  5. DM Jones


Full blood counts and fibrinogen estimations were carried out on 11 clinically normal, adult African grey parrots. Reference values derived from these tests were used to identify abnormalities in the blood counts of 11 sick parrots thought to be suffering from bacterial infections. All sick birds showed higher than normal heterophil counts, paralleled in some cases by lymphocytosis, monocytosis, thrombocytosis and increased fibrinogen levels. Anaemia was present in two birds and several others showed minor red cell abnormalities. The findings indicate that clinical haematology can make a useful contribution to the differential diagnosis of infection in African grey parrots. The findings also suggest that the development of anaemia can be a significant complicating factor in infectious conditions in these birds.

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