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Detection of bovine leukosis virus in bronchoalveolar lung washings and nasal secretions
  1. DH Roberts,
  2. MH Lucas,
  3. G Wibberley and
  4. S Bushnell


Cattle and sheep persistently infected with bovine leukosis virus (BLV) were studied for the presence of the virus in bronchoalveolar lung washings and nasal secretions. The virus was demonstrated in the cellular fraction of the lung washings in six out of nine cattle and in one out of six sheep. In no instance was bovine leukosis isolated from the cell-free bronchoalveolar lung washings. The virus was isolated from the nasal secretion of only one of six naturally infected milking cows despite frequent sampling; the virus-infected nasal secretion was from a sick 10-year-old cow. Bovine leukosis virus was not isolated from cellular fractions of nasal secretions.

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