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Effects of feeding ewe colostrum, cow colostrum or ewe milk replacer on plasma glucose in newborn lambs
  1. FA Eales,
  2. L Murray and
  3. J Small


The plasma concentration of glucose was monitored for six hours in lambs fed either ewe colostrum, cow colostrum or milk replacer by stomach tube at one hour of age. The feeding of ewe colostrum resulted in an elevation of the mean (+/- se) plasma glucose concentration from 2 . 6 +/- 0 . 3 mmol/litre before feeding to 7 . 3 +/- 0 . 92 mmol/litre three hours after feeding and this elevation was maintained. A similar rise was observed in the lambs fed cow colostrum but this was of shorter duration. A marked hyperglycaemia was observed after the feeding of milk replacer with a maximum value of 23 . 4 +/- 1 . 33 mmol/litre three hours after feeding. The practical implications of these results are discussed.

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