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Distribution of hexoestrol residues in caponised chickens
  1. ID Herriman,
  2. DJ Harwood,
  3. T Blandford and
  4. D Lindsay


A radioimmunoassay method is described for the detection and measurement of residues of hexoestrol and other stilbenes in tissues of poultry. The residues following caponisation with 12 mg hexoestrol were measured in leg muscle, liver, visceral fat and neck 44 days after implantation. They were significantly greater than values obtained from eight untreated control birds. The mean values obtained in the caponised chickens ranged from 471 pg/g net weight of leg muscle to 584,500 pg/g of tissue from the upper neck region, which included the site of implantation. Control values in untreated birds fell within the range of 8 pg/g in leg muscle to 44 pg/g in liver tissue.

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