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Survey of the health and husbandry of small poultry flocks in Great Britain
  1. PE Curtis and
  2. F Boachie


An investigation into the health and husbandry of 15 small poultry flocks was undertaken. Each flock was visited in July and a questionnaire on management practices and disease history was completed. The flocks were clinically examined and serological tests for Salmonella pullorum, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, M synoviae, M meleagridis, Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease, infectious bronchitis, eggdrop syndrome 76, adenoviruses and reoviruses were carried out. Oesophageal and cloacal swabs were cultured for mycoplasma and pullorum reactors were cultured. M gallisepticum, M synoviae, M meleagridis and M gallinarum infections were detected and serological reactions for all the viral diseases, except egg drop syndrome 76, were found. Evidence of Newcastle disease and pullorum disease was encountered. Lice were present in five flocks and mites in four flocks. Welfare standards varied.

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