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Hepatic cirrhosis suggesting aflatoxicosis in a flock of geese
  1. M Malkinson,
  2. A Shlosberg,
  3. MN Egyed,
  4. Y Avidar,
  5. S Perl,
  6. Y Weisman,
  7. T Nobel and
  8. E Bogin


An outbreak of hepatic cirrhosis in a flock of young geese was investigated. The affected geese were cyanotic with purple beaks, shanks and footwebs. On post mortem examination severe atrophy of the liver was seen and, histologically, extensive areas of necrosis, cirrhosis and bile duct proliferation were prominent. Liver function tests and serum enzyme levels confirmed that the liver damage was extensive. The findings are compared with those found in aflatoxicosis of other avian species.

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