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Protection developed against reinfection by Dictyocaulus viviparus following anthelmintic treatment of a one-day-old primary infection in cattle
  1. GA Oakley


Single doses of 7.5 mg/kg levamisole subcutaneously and 5 mg/kg oxfendazole per os and three daily doses of diethylcarbamazine intramuscularly were 86.9, 82.1 and 46.6 per cent efficient, respectively, against one-day-old Dictyocaulus viviparus. These three dosage regimes were also associated, respectively, with 92.5, 36.4 and 56.0 per cent protection against reinfection following anthelmintic treatment. It is suggested that the high degree of protection following the use of levamisole may be a consequence of rapid and effective anthelmintic activity combined with immunomodulating effects.

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