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Evaluation of the anaesthetic properties of ketamine and a ketamine/xylazine/atropine combination in sheep
  1. I Nowrouzian,
  2. HF Schels,
  3. I Ghodsian and
  4. H Karimi


The anaesthetic properties of ketamine in sheep were evaluated and compared with the results of a combination of ketamine/xylazine and ketamine/xylazine/atropine. Premedication of xylazine/atropine followed by intravenous injection of ketamine hydrochloride appeared to result in satisfactory immobilisation and anaesthesia for surgical operations of short duration. This combination effectively reduced some of the undesirable effects of ketamine, such as muscle rigidity, insufficient suppression of reflexes and tachycardia. The action on haematological factors was studied and significant increases in blood glucose content were detected during anaesthesia.

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