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Ataxia and spinal cord degeneration in llama, wildebeeste and camel
  1. AC Palmer,
  2. WF Blakemore,
  3. B O'Sullivan,
  4. DG Ashton and
  5. WA Scott


Clinical and pathological findings from instances of ataxia in a group of wildebeeste (Connochaetes taurinus), two llamas (Llama glama) and one Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius) are presented. Clinically, all the affected animals showed a non-febrile, progressive ataxia. Neuropathologically, Wallerian degeneration was diffuse in the spinal cord of the camel and llamas but was focal in the wildebeeste. Degeneration was present in the cervical dorsal roots in the wildebeeste and in the ventral nerve roots at all levels of the cord in the llamas. Peripheral nerve were affected in all the species. The possible roles of copper deficiency and plant poisons in the aetiology of the condition are discussed.

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