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Isolation and immunisation studies of a canine parco-like virus from dogs with haemorrhagic enteritis
  1. MJ Appel,
  2. FW Scott and
  3. LE Carmichael


A newly recognised canine parvo like virus was isolated from faeces of dogs with haemorrhagic enteritis. Cell cultures from several species were susceptible to it. Virus infected cells could be demonstrated by staining with fluorescent antibody reagents (prepared against canine virus or feline panleucopenia virus) or by haemagglutination with pig or rhesus monkey red blood cells. Inhibition of haemagglutination by specific antiserum prepared in specific-pathogen-free beagles provided a convenient method for viral identification. Experimental inoculation of specific-pathogen-free beagles resulted in elevated body temperatures and caused lymphopenia lasting one to three days. Feline panleucopenia virus vaccines protected dogs against challenge with virulent canine parvo-like virus.

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