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The irritancy of chlorhexidine gluconate in the genital tract of the mare
  1. PS Jackson,
  2. WR Allen,
  3. SW Ricketts and
  4. R Hall


Uterine irrigation was carried out in eight Welsh pony mares using 50 ml of chlorhexidine gluconate solution diluted to give active ingredient concentrations of 0.25 per cent to 2 per cent. Treatment was repeated up to twice in mares showing no adverse effects and irritancy of treatment judged on clinical symptoms and uterine biopsy. Results indicated the inadvisability of using a higher concentration than 0.25 per cent. Three daily applications of a diluted surgical scub solution containing 2 per cent chlorhexidine gluconate to the penis of an arab stallion failed to produce symptoms or irritation. An in vitro minimum inhibitory concentration test performed with the contagious equine metritis organism confirmed its high sensitivity to both chlorhexidine gluconate preparations.

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