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Extramural study experience and practical experience of final year veterinary students of nine European schools
  1. AD Weaver


Arrangements for extramural education including "seeing practice" experience in nine European veterinary schools (Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Helsinki, Stockholm, Hannover, Ghent, Toulouse and Vienna) are described. Considerable differences existed between three UK schools, and between them and the Continental schools, where arrangements were usually voluntary. The amount of extramural experience in different types of work was quantified by student questionnaires. An average of 12 weeks' experience in farm practice was gained by 83 per cent of the 339 students, six weeks' small animal work by 48 per cent, four weeks in an abattoir by 43 per cent and other periods in specialised practices, laboratories and veterinary faculties. Practice abroad was experienced by 10 per cent. The total experience of different medical and surgical conditions varied considerably between schools as a result of disease eradication (eg, swine fever in UK), non-occurrence (canine leptospirosis in Sweden and Finland) or the availability of surgical or reproductive material, as well as on other factors.

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