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Respiratory and cardiac arrest under general anaesthesia: treatment by acupuncture of the nasal philtrum
  1. L Janssens,
  2. S Altman and
  3. PA Rogers


The philtrum point VG 26 (Jen Chung) was needled in 69 cases of respiratory depression or apnoea in dogs and cats during induction or maintenance of general anaesthesia. Respiration was restored to normal or near normal rates within 10 to 30 seconds of insertion of the needle in all the cases. In seven cases of anaesthetic apnoea with concurrent cardiac arrest and absence of vital signs, the revival rate was 43 per cent. Those which recovered required four to 10 minutes of acupuncture stimulation. In eight cases of collapse due to other causes, the revival rate was 25 per cent. The cases included five sheep in shock following liver biopsy, two cases of haemorrhagic shock (dog, cat) and one terminal collapse in chronic congestive heart failure (dog).

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