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Hormonal and histological studies in a 61XXY bull
  1. DN Logue,
  2. MJ Harvey,
  3. CD Munro and
  4. B Lennox


A Friesian bull with bilateral testicular hypoplasia was diagnosed as having a pure 61XXY karyotype. The bull displayed normal sexual behaviour but was azoospermic. At 17 months, the animal's peripheral plasma androgen levels appeared to be lower than normal, and one testicle removed one month later showed small seminiferous tubules totally lacking in germ cells. The Leydig cell volume of this testis was well within the normal range but the tubule length was rather short. At 33 months of age an increase in peripheral plasma androgen levels was noted. In the remaining testis there had been both a considerable rise in Leydig cell volume and a fall in tubule length. These findings may be explained by the interaction of three factors; the effects of the abnormal karyotype, the increased maturity of the animal at 33 months and the reaction of the remaining testis to unilateral castration.

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