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Bromocyclen poisoning in the dog
  1. RS Jones


An 18-week-old male German shepherd dog had a convulsion following the accidental ingestion of bromocyclen two hours previously. The dog then vomited and had a second convulsion. A pulse rate of 150 per minute and a respiratory rate of 54 per minute were recorded. The dog was treated with 2mg acepromazine and 0.6mg atropine administered intramuscularly (im) and repeated every four hours, 10ml of 20 per cent calcium borogluconate administered subcutaneously and 2ml penicillin and streptomycin im. Eighteen hours later, the respiratory rate was in excess of 60 per minute, and penicillin and streptomycin plus 2mg betamethasone were administered im. Only atropine was administered over the next 12 hours and then discontinued. Forty hours after the original convulsion, the respiratory rate had fallen to 30 per minute and the pulse rate to 84 per minute. A day later, the dog had fully recovered.

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