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Comparison of two infectious bursal disease vaccine strains: efficacy and potential hazards in susceptible and maternally immune birds
  1. JC Muskett,
  2. IG Hopkins,
  3. KR Edwards and
  4. DH Thornton


Two infectious bursal disease vaccines were administered to separate groups of maternally immune and susceptible chickens at various ages. Vaccine B caused no damage to the bursae of chickens examined histologically at nine and 20 days after vaccination. The bursae of chickens given vaccine A were shown to be severely damaged when similarly examined. Both vaccines protected all the susceptible groups against challenge, but only vaccine A protected the groups of maternally immune chickens. Susceptible chickens vaccinated at one day of age with vaccine A showed a lowered response to Hitchner B1 Newcastle disease vaccine given at 14 days of age, judged by the haemagglutination-inhibition response and Newcastle disease challenge. The performance of the Newcastle disease vaccine was not affected in chickens given vaccine B. Bedding used by birds given vaccine A was shown to be capable of transmitting vaccinal virus to susceptible chickens, causing severe bursal damage.

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