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Pregnancy termination in the control of the tibial hemimelia syndrome in Galloway cattle
  1. DL Pollock,
  2. J Fitzsimons,
  3. WD Deas and
  4. JA Fraser


A description is given of the symptoms, frequency and mode of inheritance of a lethal genetic defect in Galloway cattle known as the tibial hemimelia syndrome. Plans for the control of the defect are described, and the role of the Galloway test herd identified. Investigations in the test herd demonstrate that it is possible to detect the tibial hemimelia syndrome characteristics in 90-day-old fetuses and that those fetuses can be regularly and readily obtained undamaged by pregnancy termination using prostaglandin F2 alpha. The role of pregnancy termination in the control of the tibial hemimelia problem is discussed and ideas for its development presented.

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