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The surgical treatment of equine fractures
  1. HR Denny


The current trends in equine fracture treatment are reviewed. Surgical approach, method of fixation, the advantages of Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (ASIF) implants and the complications of treatment are discussed with reference to 21 fracture cases. Normal limb function was restored in four horses with fractures of the olecranon and one with a mid shaft fracture of the tibia following stabilisation of the fracture with plates. A horse with a chip fracture of the distal radius and three other animals with fractures of the lateral condyle of the third metacarpal bone were also successfully treated with lag screws to stabilise the fractures. Treatment of the remaining 13 horses was unsuccessful as a result of refracture or infection. This group included horses with fractures of the radius (three cases), the third metatarsal bone (three cases), proximal epiphysis of the tibia (two cases) and five foals with mid shaft fractures of the femur.

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