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The effect of oestrus on milk production in cows
  1. JO King


The rectal temperatures, pulse rates and milk yields of 44 Ayrshire and 38 Friesian cows were recorded during oestrus and compared with values obtained after oestrus had ceased. The fat, solids-non-fat (SNF) and protein percentages and the cell counts of milk samples were also compared. Forty of the cows were housed in cubicles and 42 were kept loose in yards. During oestrus rectal temperatures and pulse rates were significantly raised and milk yields were lowered. Milk had, on average, significantly higher fat contents and cell counts and lower SNF and protein contents than post-oestrous milk. The differences due to oestrus between the cows kept in cubicles and yards were minimal, but the Ayrshire cows tended to show more significant effects than the Friesians, except in the milk cell counts, where the difference was higher in the Friesians.

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