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Calving rate following fixed time insemination after a 12-day progesterone treatment in dairy cows, beef cows and heifers
  1. JF Roche,
  2. DJ Prendiville and
  3. WD Davis


Farm trials were carried out to determine if cows and heifers could be inseminated on a fixed time basis following a 12-day treatment with progesterone coils and an injection of 5 mg oestradiol benzoate and 200 mg progesterone at the start of treatment. The retention rate of the coils was significantly higher (P less than 0.05) when a 5.5 cm diameter was used compared with a diameter of 7.0 cm. Calving rate was similar in treated cows bred at a detected oestrus, at 56 + 74 hours after treatment or at 56 hours after treatment and injection of 100 microgram gonadotrophin releasing hormone 20 hours previously and in control cows bred at oestrus. Fertility to the first repeat oestrus was also similar in treated and control cows. Significantly (P less than 0.05) more synchronised cows calved following fixed time AI compared with the calving rate in control cows inseminated for a 24-day experimental period. In beef suckler cows, calved at least 50 days, and dairy heifers weighing over 280 kg, calving rate was similar in treated animals bred at 56 and 74 hours after treatment compared to calving rate in control animals bred at oestrus.

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