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The tranfer of Brucella abortus antibodies from dam to calf
  1. B Cunningham


The higher sensitivity of the ABGT (Coombs Test) makes it the most useful test for comparison of total specific immunoglobulins for Brucella abortus in different secretions. Using it in the present study it was found that in 85 cows the mean selective concentration of immunoglobulins in colostrum was six to eight fold, whether the cows were infected or not. In the non-infected group calves acquired mean levels of immunoglobulins of about one third those in colostrum whereas in the infected group this ratio reduced to about one seventh. There were wide individual variations. However, mean values indicate that in both groups the calf acquires a level of antibodies up to twice the level of the dam's pre-partum serum, again with individual wide variations. Titres to the SAT and CFT are also given for all animals.

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