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Fertility of norgestomet treated dairy heifers
  1. DF Wishart,
  2. IM Young and
  3. SB Drew


Four studies are described involving 2573 Friesian heifers treated with norgestomet and oestradiol valerate to control the ovarian cycle. All treated animals were inseminated at fixed times following treatment. In study 1 insemination 48 and/or 60 hours after treatment resulted in a non-significant greater proportion of heifers becoming pregnant than at 48 X 72 hours. Large variations in fertility among farms were recorded in field trials of norgestomet (Searle) and oestradiol valerate. In study III the effect on fertility of nutrition, weight and body condition was studied. In section IV a pregnancy rate to fixed time insemination of 66-8 per cent of 500 heifers inseminated at 48 and 60 or at 48 and 72 hours after norgestomet/oestradiol valerate treatment was obtained. Heifers in study IV were fed a balanced ration designed to provide a predicted daily liveweight gain of 0-7 kg for a 12-week period starting six weeks prior to the date of insemination. The range of fertility was from 59-0 per cent to 85-7 per cent.

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