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The use of cloprostenol for the termination of pregnancy and the expulsion of mummified fetus in cattle
  1. PS Jackson and
  2. MJ Cooper


Misalliance and mummification are two indications for treatment with cloprostenol. Of 56 animals mated accidentally that were treated with 0-5 mg cloprostenol, 12 were more than 150 days pregnant and of those, nine required more than one treatment. The animals treated early in pregnancy aborted promptly and completely whereas two, considered to be 200 days pregnant at the first treatment, failed to respond at all. There were no reports of retained fetal membranes or any adverse side effects. Eight cases of fetal mummification were also submitted for treatment. All aborted within three to five days, the fetus being removed manually per vaginam in each case. Serial blood progesterone assays indicated that successful treatment was associated with leutolysis in all cases. It was concluded that cloprostenol may successfully be used for the treatment of misalliance and mummification of the fetus.

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