Information for reviewers

When considering research for the Veterinary Record, the following inclusion criteria should be considered for the types of articles we publish:
High quality papers describing original studies of efficacy of treatments/interventions, such as controlled, blinded studies reaching statistically significant results.

Case series – descriptions of substantial numbers of cases which can define cardinal diagnostic signs, including biochemical, immunological or molecular markers or other important variables in comparison with ‘gold standards’ or by Bayesian methods to improve diagnosis or treatment.

Occasionally, single case reports, but only when of real novelty or potential significance, for example, novel putative infectious disease such as the first case of BSE.

Substantive epidemiological studies yielding conclusions of international significance or of national significance to the UK on the aetiology, risk factors, prevalence, distribution, incidence or economic impact of disease/ill health; to include public health.

Research on veterinary education, ethics and on aspects of veterinary practice and the welfare of veterinarians.

Research on animal welfare that advances standards of animal care.

Comparative medicine that contributes to human health or wider biological understanding.

Mini-reviews of CPD value.

In-depth reviews of relevant subjects to provide deeper background.

Systematic reviews to provide the evidence-base for clinical decision-making.

Authoritative commentary on research articles or events.

Synopses of significant research published elsewhere (not necessarily in veterinary journals), which may eventually have important veterinary applications/consequences.

In all the above, public health to be included in the scope of coverage as well as purely veterinary topics.

Reviewers' comments are used to inform the decision on a manuscript. Reviewers are asked to complete a standard form, on which they should indicate whether a manuscript should be accepted for publication, rejected or accepted with minor or major amendments. In completing the form, reviewers are asked to consider manuscripts in terms of:

        Originality - does the work make a significant contribution to the literature?
        Relevance - as well as being significant, will the work be of interest to the journal's core readership - veterinarians in practice and in research?
        Accuracy/reliability - is the manuscript sound in terms of the information and data presented, study design and conclusions drawn?
        Readability - is the paper well written, with information presented in a clear, concise and well-structured manner that is readily understood?

In providing comments to be forwarded to the authors, reviewers are asked to be polite, specific and constructive.

Reviews should be submitted electronically via Veterinary Record's submission and review system.

Reviewers may add time reviewing manuscripts to their CPD credits.

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