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Lamellar corneal transplantation in the horse
  1. P Hekmati and
  2. H Schels


Surgical correction of corneal opacities in horses has rarely been documented in detail and is still reported to be in the experimental stage. For this reason, studies of lamellar keratoplasty were conducted on the equine eye using a modified trephine with an adjustable inside quard for grafting of identical discs from the donor and the recipient cornea. Fourteen transplantations, seven with homografts and seven with heterografts, 15 and 9 mm in diameter, were performed. Sharp-edged, vertical, and regular outlined wound margins of the graft and host are essential for good adaptation and healing without tension. The details of instruments used, preoperative preparation, surgical technique, and postoperative care are described. Results indicated that this method is a feasible tool for the repair of corneal defects in the horse and may be usefully employed in an intention to restore vision.

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