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Oxibendazole: critical anthelmintic trials in equids
  1. KC Kates,
  2. ML Colglazier and
  3. FD Enzie


The efficacy of oxibendazole against gastrointestinal parasites of horses was evaluated by the critical test method. Naturally infected ponies of various ages were given single oral doses of 5, 10, or 15 mg-kg of bodyweight. The drug was highly effective against adult large strongylids (Strongylus vulgaris, S edentatus, S equins), adult small strongylids (especially species of the genera Cylicostephanus, Cylicocyclus, Cyaathostomum, and Triodontophorus), and adult and larval stages of the large pinworm, Oxyuris equi. There was no apparent dose-related differences in efficacy. Oxibendazole was less effective against fourth-stage small strongylid larvae than it was against adults. The drug was inactive against stomach bots (Gasterophilus spp), tapeworms (Anoplocephala magna and A perfoliata), lungworms (Dictyocaulus arnfieldi), abdominal worms )Setaria equina), and mature or immature nematodes in locations other than the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.

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