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Bacteriological and pathological studies of the "collapse syndrome" in suckled calves
  1. DM Barber,
  2. W MacLennan,
  3. GH Lawson and
  4. AC Rowland


During the winter of 1971-72 faecal samples from 91 diarrhoeic calves, 25 of which were considered to be suffering from the "collapse syndrome" were examined bacteriologically. E coli of serotypes reported as having the ability to produce enterotoxins were isolated from most of the calves with the "collapse syndrome", but from only a few of the other diarrhoeic calves, as well as a few unaffected in-contact animals. On post mortem examination, abomasal dilatation was a characteristic finding in calves dying of the "collapse syndrome" but not of other diarrhoeic deaths. The significance of these findings is discussed.

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