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The Zoonoses Order, 1975
  1. E Lowes


The coming into effect on July 14 of the Zoonoses Order 1975, marks a new and important step in veterinary public health. The Order makes available powers to investigate and control Salmonella and Brucella infections in animals and Salmonella infections in birds which present a threat to human health. Any Salmonella and Brucella infection becomes reportable in certaain species when organisms have been isolated by laboratory test. Veterinary surgeons and livestock owners may be involved in this obligatory procedure. The statutory powers to investigate incidents and apply restrictions on the movement of animals, birds and their products are not limited to reportable species: they cover a much wider range of animals and birds. They will be held in reserve and used only when necessary because of a hazard to public health; the use of restrictions will be limited to cases involving a very serious threat to man. The information collected from reports and investigations will add considerably to the epidemiological knowledge of these infections and so allow improved methods of control to be developed. Some of these measures already in operation are described, together with others possible for the future.

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