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Mycoplasmas and cuffing pneumonia in a group of calves
  1. HM Pirie and
  2. EM Allan


The mycoplasmas found in the lungs of 20 calves, housed together for six months, and the related pulmonary pathology are reported. Twelve calves had cuffing pneumonia and in this group there was a significantly higher isolation frequency of Mycoplasma dispar and Ureaplasma spp compared with the non-pneumonic group. Mycoplasma bovirhinis and Acholeplasma laidlawii were isolated from the lungs of calves in both groups. Mycoplasma arginini was not recovered from the lungs of any calf. The significance of the peribronchiolar lymphocytic accumulation in the lungs of the non-pneumonic animals and their differentiation from peribronchiolar lymphocytic cuffs is discussed.

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