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Investigation of suspected cases of mycotoxicosis in farm animals in Britain
  1. BJ Shreeve,
  2. DS Patterson and
  3. BA Roberts


Mycotoxins were detected in 13 out of 131 feed samples examined over two years. Screening of feeds associated with cases of suspected mycotoxicosis occurring in farm animals over a further 12 month period showed that most incidents occurred during the winter and involved mainly cattle and pigs fed concentrates. A haemorrhagic syndrome in cattle and abortions in sows were most frequently connected with mouldy food. One or more known toxins (the aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, sterigmatocystin and zearalenone) were detected in three out of 65 cases and a wide variety of fungi were isolated. Toxicity to experimental animals was demonstrated in four out of 22 samples.

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