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Influence of anthelmintic treatment on the liveweight of outwintered ewe hoggs
  1. RR Mackay


Three systems of outwintering ewe hoggs are normally practised on Scottish hill farms. A series of field trials involving some 2000 different animals was conducted to determine the response in liveweight from anthelmintic treatment for roundworms. The results suggest that, under field conditions, a strategic dosing programme using a modern anthelmintic can prevent liveweight loss in ewe hoggs wintered either on the hill or "inbye". The best response may be expected from a two dose regime--one in early winter (mid October to mid November) and the other in winter (mid January to mid February). In away-wintered hoggs, the kinder climate, better pssture, and, in the vast majority of cases, less contaminated ground, appear to outweigh the advantages of dosing after the late autumn.

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