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Are vets really leaving the profession?
  1. Adrian Nelson-Pratt, BVSc, MRCVS

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Adrian Nelson-Pratt runs The Veterinary Business Consultancy, which offers business development support, coaching, mentoring and leadership training to the profession.

Our profession has a new obsession. In recent issues of Vet Record and in various discussions at BSAVA’s congress, we are convincing ourselves of a single message – vets are leaving the profession.

Paradoxically, in this journal and at the same congress, we’re also driving a career diversification agenda. A veterinary degree is a wonderful, multifaceted qualification that represents a passport to a varied career. I know this because I diversified in 2001.

But I didn’t leave the profession. I just left clinical practice.

A review of the RCVS Facts reports for 2007 to 2016 shows that the number of MsRCVS has risen 33 per cent to …

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