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Why scrutiny is a good thing for progress
  1. Mike Frill1
  1. 1Mike Frill is a 5th year veterinary student at the University of Cambridge, who did an EMS placement with Veterinary Record last month

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In a quaint small animal practice in rural northern England, the weather reflects the atmosphere. I am on an EMS placement. It’s a dreary Tuesday morning, and as the rain falls outside, the air inside is tense. Staff don’t stay here for long. There is a carousel of vets, frustrated with their managers and clients appear to be leaving in their droves.

You don’t need to look much further than a routine vaccination to see how this sombre mood is reflected in the service the practice provides. A trembling puppy can find no comfort in a new environment if nobody makes a fuss over it. Needle in, vaccine in, job done – £35 please. It feels like a missed opportunity to …

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