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Animal welfare
Rise in laboratories breeding genetically modified animals is now ‘out of control’

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THE total number of scientific procedures conducted on animals in the UK has risen by 23 per cent since 2007.

According to Home Office figures, there were 3.94 million procedures (that is, both experimental procedures and the creation/breeding of genetically altered animals) performed last year.

This is an increase of 735,000 since 2007 according to the ‘Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals’ report, published last month.

The Home Office says that the rise is primarily because of the increase in genetically altered animals, which have increased by 745,000 in the last nine years.

Of the procedures performed last year, 51 per cent were experimental procedures, while 49 per cent related to genetically modified animals.

Animal rights charities have expressed their disappointment in the figures, particularly in relation to the ‘over-breeding’ of …

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