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Why are we embarrassed by our costs?
  1. Adrian Pratt, BVSc, MRCVS1
  1. 1Adrian Pratt runs The Veterinary Business Consultancy, which offers business development support, coaching, mentoring and leadership training to the profession

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Do you have a fixation with cost, in the veterinary context? Many vets do, whether it’s self-confidence in charging for services or worrying about clients’ ability to pay for veterinary care.

While it’s true that a proportion of pet owners have genuine financial challenges, evidence exists that pet owners dedicate a decent amount of disposable income to their pets. We need to revisit our preconceptions about how owners view the cost of their pet. Here are two examples of where owners are spending their money.

The pet food market has changed significantly in the past few years. Diets are now generally higher quality with a focus on ingredient provenance. Clever marketing humanises and personalises pet food with a large proportion being sold in the ‘naturals’ segment. Consumers are demanding better, named ingredients and ‘free from’ artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. Mousses, pates, and casseroles abound. Venture online and you can find bespoke nutrition with your pet’s name on the bag, delivered straight to your door. …

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